Worship Dance Conference

Today there was breakthrough.

Today as the group of saints danced before the Lord, strongholds were broken off of those dancing as well as our cities and people groups.

I claim this in faith, because I desperately need it!

My favorite part of the conference was when we did spontaneous, prophetic dance. It was a prayer and a declaration of our hearts desire and God’s victory in our lives. No inhibition, whatever the Holy Spirit lead us to do. We danced to “Dance” by the Rivera’s. This song has a Celtic feel to it, upbeat and allows for a wide variety of movements. It creates an atmosphere of joy and freedom. My experience was wonderful. I started by simply dancing freely and joyfully, but then was lead into a process of cutting chains with strong, sweeping hands. I pushed down the things of the enemy and trampled them under my feet. I opened my heart, mind and eyes as the Spirit lead my fingers. My arms danced, rippling and curling across my body, applying Jesus’ cleansing blood from head to toe. Then I felt my chest lift and the Lord lead me in a walk of strength and honor. I took a crown from the heavens and place it on my head. Jesus embraced me and we dance. We waltzed…. swiftly. Spinning, my heart felt so alive.

The music slowed down. We brought ourselves to a place of receiving from the Lord. It took me awhile to calm my mind. I have struggled before with feeling like I don’t hear God’s voice. I went through a bit of that in my mind, then decided to write down what had happened in my dance. I wanted a document so when these things play out in my life I will recognize why.

As I finished writing, I was delighted thinking about my dance with Jesus, reliving the sensation of movement in my imagination. Oh, so good. I love that kind of movement! I’ve experienced that type of movement before when I was taking tango dance classes. Wow, tango is awesome. The Lord started talking to me about tango. The dynamic between a man and woman as they dance tango is soo intimate, so connected. As a leader the man must communicate clearly where he’s going and what he is guiding her to do. He can do this a number of ways, but the beauty is in the extreme subtleties that require the woman to not only know the leaders style and trust him, but also be one with him in order to catch the subtleties. In tango, it’s about making the woman look good too. She’s the one spinning and dipping and decorating the floor. To follow you must trust and let go completely while being open, receptive, attentive and sensitive.

The Lord told me he is teaching me to recognize the subtle ways He leads me. He said, “I made you to dance my princess. Do not worry, it takes time to learn.”

He also put an awesome idea in my head. I stopped doing tango because I realized dancing so intimately with strangers wasn’t working for me! It is very sensual. Imagine, in the covenant of marriage, what tango could be and do. I imagine it being a powerful tool (if covered in the blood of Jesus and lead by the Holy Spirit) for developing greater intimacy and connection within marriage as well as exploring leader/follower roles. Just as Christ leads His Bride, so the word says, a husband should his wife. Not only that but it would simultaneously teach the couple how to relate with the Lord in profoundly fresh ways. I was imagining a program, or maybe private lessons, for couples, that would create a space for and promote this kind of spiritual and relational development.

Lord, when I’m married can I have that? Lord, raise up your people to do your work! Strong marriages are in your heart! From strong marriages built on the foundation of Your Truth come children raised up to know you, and to live according to your purposes here on earth. Sounds good to me!